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2009-04-21 10:26:27
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Photography Releases


Ok... first


Is everyone clear on that... ok .. good.


Ok, now for what I know... GET A RELEASE.  Most people will sign it without a problem.  I believe that you only really need a release if you are using the images for commercial purposes. 

I believe that if you are using the photos for Art or Educational purposes, even if you are selling the Art or Educational materials, you don't need one... but I'd use one just in case.

REMEMBER... this is what I believe to be true and I may be completely wrong (my lawyers told me to say that).

I have a file here for you to download.  It's the releases I use... just change my name to yours.  It's in .RTF format, which most word processors can open.  In it you will find:

  • Standard Model Release
  • Standard Minor Model Release
  • Standard Property Release
  • Standard Event Release
  • A Notice to hang outside of the event or to put on the back of tickets.

Oh.. by the way... did I mention...


Good... so you understand that this is what I use, and it may provide you no protection whatsoever... but it is what I use.


Download Photo Releases