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Kind = Sucker
2009-10-30 20:51:20
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So it's on record... and I HOPE I'm wrong... but I am predicing that I'm being SCREWED.

When me and my ex were still together, I did several things in the name of kindness, more than I'll document here.

For this story, I'll document but a few:

    • Lent her money to pay car insurance
    • Lent her money to cover her cell phone bill
    • Lent her money for a Family vacation (I was going to go with her as well)

Anyway, when we broke up, she noted that the vacation (a Criuse) was sold out, and if I just took my money back and canceled, she wouldn't be able to go on her family vacation.

Even though she broke my heart... I didn't want to do that to her.

So I agreed that if she payed me ALL of the money she owed me, in installments, by the end of November, I'd release the tickets into her name right away.

This is where I made my first mistake.  You see, the vacation is set for the first two weeks of November.  I meant to say: "By the BEGINNING of November", or, "By the End of October".  Releasing the tickets right away was not a mistake, that part, for the travel agent, needed to happen.

Anyway, she agreed, so I released the tickets.

She made 3 payments: $200ish, $60ish, $50ish.... then stopped.

Several weeks later she called me and asked if she could just make one final lump payment.  This is where I made my second mistake... I agreed.

A couple of weeks ago (End of October), she INFORMED me that she didn't have the money and that she'd pay me $50ish a month until it was paid back (this would take over an additional year).  I told her: NO.  "This was not our agreement.  I lived up to my part, now you have to live up to yours or I'll take the tickets back."  She said "Ok" she'd have the money paid back by the end of November.

Do you see something strange here... she couldn't pay me for the next year, then I threaten to take the tickets back and she sais she will pay me as we first agreed.

So, here is where I made my second, and I fear, fatal mistake.  I again said OK.

Now, I really hope I'm wrong, because don't believe that it's in her morals to screw someone like this, but I have an eating feeling in the bottom of my stomach that she's going to go on this vacation, and then since I wouldn't have anything to hold against her, I'll never see the money.

I guess, only time will tell.