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My Windows Leak and My Apple Tree Fell Down
2009-07-15 14:29:26
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I have recently been let go from my job.  They cut about 5% of their workforce and I was one of latest casulities of the economy.

That's ok... I've been building web site software on the side for the last 7 years now... you're looking at the fruits of my labor right now.  I offer this software and the associated hosting through my company RandomMinds, but specifically from

This was the Kick in the paints that I needed to make a go if it full time.

One of the things I promised myself is that I would not get drawn into the Microsoft haze.  And while Apple's operating system is no longer Apple, it's BSD Unix with a glorious window manager, it's still proprietary, and that means bending to their will. So.....

I've decided to go completely FOSS (Free and Open Source Software).  Check out this Wikipedia entry: .

I've installed  Ubuntu Version 9.04 - the Jaunty Jackalope, which came with almost all of the software I need... Open Office, Firefox, GIMP, Pidgin, etc...

On top of the base OS and Software, I've added:

  • JEdit - My favorite cross Platform Programmer's Text Editor
  • Putty - SSH terminal.  Although Ubuntu has SSH built in, I'm just use to Putty
  • Inkscape - A great Vector drawing program.
  • CheckGmail - An app that sits in your toolbar, giving you email notifications.
  • GTK - recordMyDesktop - Make Video's of you working on your desktop.
  • Kdenlive - Non-Linear Video Editing
  • DVDAuthor - DVD Authoring Software
  • QDVDAuthor - A GUI for DVDAuthor
  • WinFF - FFVideo converter... convert's just about any video format to just about any other video format.
  • VLC Media Player - To play just about any Audio / Video media type.
  • Skype - VOIP solution
  • Audacity - Audio Editing
  • Evernote for Windows
  • BlueProximity - Connects with your Bluetooth Phone and locks and unlocks your computer when you walk away and back.
  • Download Helper - Plugin for FireFox.

I think that was it... and I was able to install all of them through the built-in Synaptic Package Manager.

I did have to do one tweak to get my middle mouse button on my Lenovo X61 keyboard to scroll windows like it did in.. well... Windows... I'll have to find those instructions again and post them here.

With these tools I can do EVERYTHING I need to do, and I am a pretty heavy computer user.. as you can see the results with this web site software.... and It didn't cost me a penny!