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Breatharian Institute of America
2009-06-10 08:33:37
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Some of my favorite parts:

1) The diet coke (only in plastic 20oz or 1 liter bottles) and the double quarter pounder w/cheese from McDonalds diet. (Absolutely NO water, fruits or vegetables!)

2)  The 5-day workshop that costs $10,000 USD or GOLD (that's right, let me just go dig my gold out of the vault.  I think I left it behind the pile of diamonds)

3)  He wants the money wired directly into his bank account, and publically advertises the info on the web. 

4)  He gives out his 5th dimentional earth number and needs everyone's emails again so he can add them to his 5th dimentional earth laptop, because he had to give up all his possessions on this here 3d Earth.